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The story of a life, past and present it’s emotions which sometimes seem mute, vanishing to return full of life and strength. It is the story of a life which buds in childhood, with sadness and hardship but also with joy, beautiful moments spent in the company of friends and loved ones who accompany him through life and who leave a trace on him.
A change, a difficult and courageous choice, a journey towards the unknown.For a better life perhaps? More beautiful? Sadder?
He is someone who finds it difficult to express himself throw the spoken words. A congenital defect/handicap which makes him fill different and strange. It is hard to want to say something and to be unable a simple but essential word…”I am…” “My name is…”.
Despite this immense difficulty in expressing himself, speaking the language of sings, gestures and half pronounced words he creates a the miracle of creation. The audience finds itself in front of this video trying to understand his story. His sincere gaze, expression, gestures and half words pronounced with difficulty, putting heard and soul into his attempt to say something about his reality, about his birth county which he carries in his heart.
His country, Finally experiencing liberty after a dictatorship 50 years ago, in which the worlds of politics, society and economic, are going through a painful transition. It is perhaps this, the reason for which so many people find themselves obliged to leave everything…Start again…
His voice which narrates alongside his gestures and signs in the despairing cry of he who wishes to make himself understood, and to be part of society, feel useful in his own small way, capable, independent and Free.“Shout Yes…to life”.